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Hollywood Actor Hagen Mills Commits Suicide, Bio,Wiki, Age, Career, Legal History, Family

Actor Hagen Mills

Hollywood Actor Hagen Mills Commits Suicide

Hagen Mills was a Basket Actor and an upcoming Film Star. Hagen Mills was a Basket Actor and an upcoming Film Star. He commits suicide at the age of 29 by shooting himself at his own home in Kentucky.


He was aged 29 years old at the time of his death.


He performed in Tv series such as Baskets and Swedish Dicks, although he was best known as Baskets Actor.

This is according to Daily Mail.


He shot his former partner and injured himself at his Kentucky home on May 19. His partner name was Erica Price, she was shot on the arm and the chest but managed to survive and call the Police.

The incident occurred at his home in Mayfield on Tuesday evening.

Hagen Mills Legal History

Hagen Mills had legal issues as he was previously accused of rape, sodomy, domestic violence and kidnapping against Price and his daughter.

He was accused of possession of methamphetamine and steroids which was considered an offense before the law.

Mills was arrested on March 31, detained, and later released on May 6 on a bond.

Price was the mother to Mills 4-year-old daughter Mila, her child was inside the house during the incident.

According to his mother, the actor loved his acting career and his daughter Mila. She also states that he grew up in the South relocating to Los Angeles to pursue his career.

Hagen with partner Price and daughter




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