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Who is the Corona Virus patient Mike Schultz, How he suffered, Advice to People and Shocking Loss of Weight

Mike Schultz Shocking Trauma Under COVID 19

Mike Schultz is a nurse in San Francisco, He was one of the people who contracted Corona Virus after attending the Winter Party Festival in South Beach Miami in early March this year.

During that party, it was reported that 38 people contracted the Corona Virus, and at least 3 died.

Mike was a very healthy person with non-existing health conditions. Schultz says despite his knowledge of Corona Virus existence he and his friends never took it seriously, they just thought it was just a matter of washing hands and not touching your face.

Mike Schultz
Mike Schultz

He later traveled to Boston for a nice weekend in Florida just when he started experiencing the symptoms of the Corona Virus.

Mike went on spending 6 weeks in the hospital for medication and treatment and luckily he survived the ordeal.

Impact the Disease Created

Having been a model before with 190 Pounds he has lost 50 pounds due to the illness and he is currently having 140 pounds according to what he shared with BuzzFeed News.

While leaving the hospital he said that:

After 6 weeks in the hospital and rehab unable to see any visitors, I’m finally going home!! I plan on continuing my recovery with my guardian angel and boyfriend, Josh, who checked in on my several times a day if not more. I’m am forever thankful for everyone’s donations, kind words, and prayers. I truly believe they helped me get through this horribly scary ordeal. But first I have to make a stop at McDonald’s for a yummy shake.

Mike Schultz was a nurse and is 43 years old, he also advises that if you think you are too young to get it then Think twice.

Schultz also paid his tribute to his boyfriend namely DJ Waren aka Josh, he says they have not seen each other since 17th March.

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