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Depression on Widowed Women and Orphan Children in the Society


Depression Globally affects alot Women and children are very vulnerable in society especially in the case of the loss of a loved one who is not only the breadwinner of the family but the only source of security and support in their life.

Widowed women especially those ones who have to raise children on their own single-handed end up having a very hard time due to judgment and misconception of the society, especially the African culture, which tends to be more reversed.

These people need to be considered and shown lots of love and affection, they need to be assisted financially with the responsibilities of parenthood because it will be hard for some of them to cope up single-handedly.

Children who are brought up by partial parents due to being brought up by lack of one of the parents find it harder to cope up with life because they lacked a specific figure in their life who would have served as a best moral example in life.

Girls brought up by men as a father lacked the motherly figure in their life which is very essential and important especially when she is first having her first ovulation.

I would have advised if any elderly women from the society would come around and assist in whatever the girl child needs in which hearing advice and being aided by someone of her gender will help her a lot in coping up.

It’s the same that needs to be applied to a boy child as well, he will need a manly figure in his life so as to know what it means to be of male gender and what it takes to carry on with life even in the future.

Clubs and societies need to be formed for these people to be helped, widowed women and children are very vulnerable that need to be helped by us because it’s a collective responsibility of everyone else in the society and it is all about the spirit of humanity.

We are not supposed to judge any of their characters because they don’t do whatever they do in the society willingly, it’s life and the talks of the society that pushes them into doing whatever they do.

Depression is real and it majorly originates from people around us, so as to be on the safe side and help our fellow humans who are battling this is by treating everyone right and avoiding being judgmental.



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