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Fitness Tips – How much exercise do you need to be healthy?

How much exercise you need to be healthy

Fitness Tips and Exercise shows New guidelines for Humans body emphasize physical activity at any level.

How often do you Exercise? Your sister goes jogging every weekend, and your friends hits the gym three times a week. Your wife takes yoga and dance. You play football with your son now and then, but you’ve finally decided to get serious about exercise.

Just so you know, any form of exercise Is better than none.

Fitness Tips In 2018 There Were Recommended Guidelines For Excercise According To Age

Age 3 to 5: Despite being too young they still need exercise like jumping rope, playing tag, and fooling around with their friends in the pool and racing.

Age 6 to 17: As children get older they require slightly more vigorous exercise.  Jumping rope is one example, house chores, Playing tennis and basketball, running and weightlifting. All you have to choose is which is comfortable to you.

Age 18 to 64: At this age is when the numbers of exercise. Vigorous exercise would be more like hiking, running, or swimming laps. To train your muscles you need to lift something heavy. That is equivalent to your body weight, though as you get stronger you’ll eventually need to add resistance by using stretchy bands or actual weights you see in a gym.

Older Adults (65 and up): This age bracket exercise is equivalent to those for younger children Since As we age, we become less able to do certain activities, due to chronic condition because of old aging.

Do you know Regular exercise provides essential protection against Nine diseases that plague our body health system? The list includes:

1.heart attack


3.high blood pressure



6.osteoporosis and fractures


8.colon and breast cancers

9.dementia (memory loss).

Note that Inhaling and Exhaling Are also very important.


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