What is COVID 19? Symptoms of Corona Virus, How its Spread, Precautions, Reports

Corona Virus

COVID 19 is an infectious disease caused by a virus called Corona Virus which is spread through discharge from the nose and droplets of saliva.

Most common symptoms of COVID 19 are likely to be:

  1. Dry cough
  2. Fever
  3. Tiredness

Other Common Symptoms:

  1. Sore throat
  2. Headache
  3. Conjunctivitis
  4. Aches and pains
  5. Diarrhea
  6. A rash on the skin and discoloration of fingers and toes
  7. Loss of taste or smell

More Severe Symptoms:

  1. Chest Pain Or Pressure
  2. Loss of Speech or Movement
  3. Difficulty in Breathing

When you are infected with COVID 19 it can take up to 14 days for symptoms to show during this time if you were in contact with someone infected you are required to go to sell quarantine to avoid the spread of the virus.

It’s also advisable that if you experience one of the severe symptoms above you should seek medical attention immediately.

This is by making a call for the medical facility to come for you.

Cautions and Hygiene

Stay at home and wear a mask when going out and avoid people as much as possible when you want to sneeze.

Avoid overcrowded places, observe one-meter distance, and sanitize always when out running errands and while at home wash your hands regularly.

Cough from your Elbow

COVID 19 Cases In Kenya and The world

Confirmed Corona Virus Cases in Kenya are 1029 people as of and recovered one is 363 people and deaths number being 50, while globally its 4.93 Million people and recoveries were 1.73 Million people and deaths tolling at 324 thousand people this is at May 5th, 2020.


Taking a well-balanced diet with plenty of fluids is the only advisable measures given out by the health organization while infected with COVID 19, although it was recently reported by Madagascar leader that they have found the cure for COVID 19 although the World Health Organization is yet studying their new herbal tea cure for Corona Virus.





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