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I Can Do It, Why am i different from my high schoolers?

I can do it

I Can Do It.

The question as to why you are different from most of your schoolers is a very weird feeling that makes most of the people feel to be out of place in this world.

Well, guys this so common to all people you should not think that you are alone.

This mostly occurs when you compare your level of standards of life to that of your mates, their relationships, and level of growth in maturity.

Just don’t do that because you are unique in just your own different way, and in life, everyone climbs their own ladder of success in their own set time.

The only difference between you and that successful high schooler or college mate is time although others will say it’s called charismatic.

Honestly, if you ask me all say it’s all about acceptance because if you learn to accept yourself as per who you are it makes a total whole lot of difference.

As much as they did it you can do it too
As much as they did it you can do it too

The feeling of seeing your college mate driving a posh car yet with you, you are just struggling to survive?? Gosh I do understand how it feels, some will say I think am cursed others will go building regrets of whatever mistake they made in their past life.

Some people will say her family gave her a good foundation, others will say to themselves if only I had God’s grace and favor as well then it will be well with me too.

Well, that is okay and indeed the right feeling but the only secret is that never feel low about yourself.

Learn how to raise up on your own, master the art of personal acceptance and appreciation, yes we are both 30, and yes I don’t have a stable job as he has but with time I will one day.

Don’t go admiring your friend’s beautiful wife and end up forgetting the jewel you have in your own life.

She is your wife there is something that strongly attracted you to her that lead on made you make the mother of your children.

Set your own goals right and work so hard towards them for life has its own tales.

Someone once said that everyone climbs the mountain at their own time and whoever reaches the top first and whoever reaches last the only difference between the two is pace.

Learning how to adjust your own pace also matters most, don’t postpone events in your life thinking that you have so much time to spare because by the time you come around you will realize you have lost a lot and you are also so much far behind.

Remember despite how well of that home mate is in life doesn’t matter what matters is that everyone has their own time.

Keynote is self-acceptance and appreciation of every little achievement you make in life.

Our Supreme above has a reason for everything so stop using the common Phrase WHY ME and start using the phrase such as i can do it.







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