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Have you watched This Movie Namely Go, Mia Caceres

Mia Caceres

Have you watched This Movie Namely Go?

Guys, if you are looking for a movie to watch this season with so much originality and rare talent then watch Go.

This movie am telling you will bring so much ecstatic joy in you that you cant imagine

It’s a story of a young girl namely Mia Caceres who wanted to know how to sing and dance.

Her real name is Rebecca Davis, the origin of the movie is Spain.

Have you watched This Movie Namely Go? Mia Caceres

She was anticipating to become famous one day, her zeal and passion for dance and singing are just beyond imagination.

The movie starts with Mia and her band consisting of her best friend Gasper singing out on the streets.

Mia is an orphan brought up by her aunt, sister to her late Mother, aunt Isabel.

Her aunt was relocating to Madrid to help his son’s wife who was pregnant and almost giving birth.

As at that time Mia wanted to join St Mary School, which was considered a school for the rich children due to its standard.

She had already submitted her application form without her aunt’s consent as she was against the idea of her joining that school.

St Mary School head of administration was Mercedes (principal) and Ramiro (Chairman of the Board of Directors)

Mia was to join St Mary School through scholarship after performing in an audition held at the school grounds.

The Deans of St Mary High School were a couple with two Children Together namely Alvaro (stepson to Ramiro) and Lupe, they both attended the same school.

Say Love at first sight indeed it was, before the auditions while just entering the school Mia run into Alvaro.

The main reason why Mia wanted to join this school was because of a dancing group namely Go which competes for the national school inter music competition.

Lupe being the principal and Chairman of the school’s daughter was a very evil girl but much as talented as Mia but due to her Jealousness.

She could not recognize the talent in her and was allowing the jealousness in her control her hence giving more light to Mia’s path.

And Did you Know that Ramiro Is Mia Real Dad?

Did you also know that Mercedes Had Something to do with Breaking The Relationship between Mia’s mother and Ramiro?

Have you watched Mia Performance and her singing?

It will leave your mouth wide open.





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