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Arizona West Gate Mall Shooting injures 3 People, Identity of the Shooter Released, Senator Martin Quezada Witnesses the Shooting

Arizona West Gate Mall Shooting

In Arizona West Gate  Mall, its a Shopping Center in Glendale, Arizona, although the suspect was arrested and placed in custody after shooting three people on Wednesday night at 7.25 pm.

One of the Victims who was shot is said to be in critical conditions and others are stable and this is live footage of the incident.

Senator Martin Quezada Witnesses the Shooting

The senator was at the mall during the Incident he tweeted saying:

I just witnessed an armed terrorist with an AR-15 shoot up Westgate. There are multiple victims.”

He adds that he saw two victims with his own eyes and not sure about the others.

Doug Ducey Arizona Governor also tweeted about the incident he also added that because of this the state’s department of public safety has been in touch with the local police department.

He also added that the state is monitoring this closely and as a state, they are ready to support.

Although the suspect’s identity has not been revealed.

The Glendale Police Department is doing a thorough investigation to ensure there are no other shooters among the victims.

Identity of the Shooter Released

A video of the suspected shooter has been released on social media. It is said his identity is Armando Junior Hernandez.

He claims his reasons for doing this according to the Coupon of the video, was that he was going to get back to the mean society.

After these remarks he placed on a face mask.

The police told the reporters that,

With a scene of this magnitude, we are going to take our time with secondary searches.

Although the police have not discovered the Source of the video.

The suspected man was taken into custody

They also advised that whoever has more evidence should hand it over to the police for more investigations.

The shopping complex in Glendale is about 15 miles from Phoenix.

There was a witnessed namely Joe Dana who also witnessed the incident.


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