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The NFL COVID 19 Outbreak, Impact Of COVID 19 on Sports

With the current on going Corona cases globally which had affected negatively our Sports Globally, currently due to the reduced number of corona cases the Sports Leagues were allowed to open slowlly but with very strict measures concerning physical contact and hygiene.

This is due to spread of COVID 19, which its cure its yet to be known.

NFL has started reporting the  COVID-19 outbreak after nine members of the Tennessee Titans tested positive for the virus in the past four days, as reported by the ESPN people.

The NFL COVID 19 Outbreak reports came After the  Titans playing against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday and Tuesday in Minneapolis.

The news of the COVID 19 results broke out, both teams were forced to closed their practice facilities as Titans will be shutting down until Saturday.

The NFL league hasn’t yet made any announcement about what will happen concerning the next games that was scheduled earlier.

The Tittans League officials are trying to figure out how the spread of the virus started.

Sports Leagues are Negatively affected although they are trying to raise up on daily basis amid the pandemic.

The soccer tearms are allowed to play without their spectators so as to control the spread of Corona Virus.

Sciencists all over the workld are working tirelessly to find a vaccine for COVID 19.


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