Desiree S. Anzalone Great-Granddaughter of Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz’s is dead, Her Bio, Career, Death

Desiree S. Anzalone Bio, Wiki

Desiree S. Anzalone  is the great granddaughter of the famous Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz’s, she was declared dead on 25th of september.

She was born on 1989 September 15, in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Her parent were Julia Arnaz her mother and Mario Anzalone her father.

She did at the age of 31 while battling breast cancer disease

She died on September 27 in Connecticut after succumbing to stage 4 of breast cancer disease.

According to her mother Julia Arnaz while speaking about her daughter’s death she said that,

Watching her slip away was just something wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. No mother should have to watch that. She was so special. All our children are special, but this little girl was something else. We were [best friends]. We are still. She was so beautiful, just so so beautiful inside and out. She really, really reminded me a lot of my grandmother, more so than I.

She was a great-granddaughter to the late stars Ball and Arnaz, they were stars of I Love Lucy.

Her grandfather was Desi Arnaz Jr. the son of the famous Ball and Arnaz.

Desiree S. Anzalone Education and Career

Desiree S. Anzalone  attended the University of North Texas and obtained a creative writing degree before later majoring in  professional photographing.

She was a talented photographer & enjoyed playing guitar with her father, singing & modeling photography, art, songwriting, poetry, and playing piano.

Desiree S. Anzalone Cancerous Journey

Desiree S. Anzalone  was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 25 years old, at that time the cancer was at stage 2.

She later received treatment and chemotherapy but the disease later resurfaced some years later making her succumb to death.

Her mother while speaking to the People’s magazine wrote that her daughter would probably have been with them for a few more years it was starting to spread a lot more, and the tumors were getting bigger — but we expected her to stay at least through the holidays. What went wrong is she kept getting fluid around her heart and then they kept doing surgeries and it would come back like two weeks later. And this time, they did the surgery and came back 12 hours later and said You’ve got days, if hours, So that was really tough. I was there before that happened. It was unimaginable.

Although she was not that lucky to have met her famous grandmother.


Her mother wrote about her grandmother’s death, RIP to my beautiful grandmother This was a very difficult day for me to have to find out through the news.

I was very pregnant with my daughter Desido and I remember just falling to my knees knowing I’d never get the chance to ever met my G-ma- in this lifetime I would have loved the chance to love Lucy.




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